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…..The Final Steps…..

It is with great sadness that I pen this last blog for Still Faith-FULL.
It has been such a pleasure to write to you each week for the past
year or so, sharing with you some things about art, some things
about us, some things about our home, and some things about
my love of interior design. This is what occupies my life at age 72.

But, I am still going through old files of pictures I cut from
design journals and magazines, some as much as 15 years ago, and I find
I still love many of them and they are hard to throw into the waste
basket. I have found some that were inspiration for some of my art,
and some were used for ideas on numerous houses ago. Some I can
part with because they look dated. I am just as passionate about
design for interiors as I have always been, since I was three years old.

Hopefully, my tastes have become a bit more sophisticated than
they were playing on the living room floor with clothespins to make
floor plans at Grandma’s house. But I have never lost my love for
viewing beautiful interiors, or my love for making the best of our
home via my strengths in design, or my love of painting. If some-
thing from my viewpoint, sitting in my comfy reading chair in the
dining room, is just a little askew, I jump up and straighten it by a
1/4″ or more, until I am satisfied with its placement. Bill would call
this “obsessive”, and he is probably right, but I call it “paying
attention to detail.”

He wonders how I can let my study/studio go to helter skelter while
the living room right next door has to be perfect to my eyes. It just
goes with the territory of being a retired designer who can’t go into
clients’ homes anymore and straighten up what they have moved elsewhere!
It is in the blood and the DNA, and so I live my life in
ways that make sense to my eyes. They tell me everything I need to
know about a painting, or placement of furniture, or the curvature
of a leg on a chair-is it a French Louis XV, or is it an English
Hepplewhite or Chippendale? Some of you are likely thinking
by now, “perhaps she is ready for the funny farm at her age!”

Now that you have some insight into the way this designer/artist
thinks, or works in my own home exclusively now, is a good time
to put this blog on the shelf and go take care of all the things in
my own space that drive me nuts, or don’t! Look at the following
pictures of our home and let me know what you think obsesses me,
or gives me great pleasure to arrange, or the colors which excite
me when combined into the whole. You can always reach me at, and I would welcome your
input about this blog, how you feel the spaces I have described fit
or don’t fit me, or just tell me you think we are crazy for giving
up this blog. I want to hear from you, at least this one last time
before we “go off the air”. And I always welcome your insights,
your thoughts, your jokes, your words of encouragement in the
next phase of what it is I do or don’t do!

The next phase is most assuredly to continue with our webmaster
to put my book, One Woman’s Journey: From Abuse to Empowerment
into a printed book version which you will be able to purchase
through Amazon. com. Cynthia and I have it about 1/3 done, and
we will be working feverishly to complete the manuscript within the
next few months. I will still look forward to hearing from you after
you have read the book, and tell me what it has meant to you.

So without further hesitation, writing, or just rambling, I wish you
my best, and hope that we can continue our conversations via email
at the above address. I have loved hearing from those of you who
have read and written your thoughts about the blog, and now I will
look forward to how you respond to the book.

Take good care…….


Love, Kathy


If you have been reading my blog on art, design, and other topics, I would like to encourage you, or others you may know, to read my book, called “One Woman’s Journey:  From Abuse to Empowerment.”  If you know of any women in your life who have experienced abuse at the hands of others in a family, this is worth a read.  Please feel free to pass it along to others who you feel might benefit from it.  You may read it and/or download it free online at  Go to ‘Just Kathy’ on the Home page, hover over the drop-down menu, and click on E-Book.  You can read feed back on the website that I have received on it from other readers.  Know that I would appreciate your feedback on it as well.

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