One Woman’s Journey:
From Abuse to Empowerment

by Kathleen Parrish Peterson


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Insightful and powerful read

I just finished your online book! What an insightful and powerful read.  You truly are an ‘Interior Designer’ both in your professional life, and in your inner life!  What a wonderful work you have done to literally redesign the interior of your soul that was so battered by family.  What a gift you have given by putting this on online to help others heal.  May you continue to re-design your life, soul, and spirituality in beauty, strength, and character.

You are so brave

Kathy...about the third chapter of your book, I think you are so brave, and I so admire and look up to you. It is so well written; you started with the analogy of the rafting trip, and then lead into the important message of your book. Then you ended with questions that would help any person who has that kind of experience in their background. I thought you handled the chapter so professionally. Thank God you had your beloved husband and daughter to help you.