Editor’s Choice – December 28, 2017

As each New Year approaches, Kathy and I receive a
wonderful gift from our long-time friends Larry and
Maridel Engles. The gift is a calendar for the upcoming
year which features twelve of Larry’s beautiful photos
that he’s taken during the prior year. The photo above
is illustrative of his keen eye for capturing a view of
a volcanic peak whose appearance leads those within
sight range to typically say to themselves silently, or
to others verbally “The Mountain is Out.”

Editor’s Choice #916 – Amazing View of an Iceberg from Top to Bottom

Ever see an iceberg from top to bottom?
The amazing picture shown below came from a
rig manager for Global Marine Drilling
in St. Johns, Newfoundland.


They actually have to divert the path of these things
away from the oil rig by towing them with ships!


In this particular case the water was calm and the
sun was almost directly overhead so that the diver
was able to get into the water and click this picture.
The estimated weight was 300,000,000 tons.



Gives a whole new meaning to the Phrase
“Just the tip of the Iceberg”
Freshwater Ice weighs about 89% as much as seawater.

So that’s how much of the berg is submerged !

Thanks to Rick Melin for sending this to me.

Editor’s Choice #915 – A Dazzling Sunset

Bill adds: og Bud is shorthand for ‘Old Geezer Bud.’
And the Bud in this case is Bud Frimoth of Portland, OR.
He is now in in early 90s, widowed, but still taking photos
and philosophizing on the ‘meaning of life’ when so much
of what constituted his ‘life’ was shared with his beloved
spouse, Lenore.
Bud is also the father of Margaret, Chris, and Todd Frimoth.
I’ll share in tomorrow’s blog entry Bud and Lenore’s ‘journey
through loss’ when their daughter Martha died while still a
very young child, and also a description of the wonderful
ministry of clowning which they engaged in beginning at
a later time in their lives.
Some years back, when his surviving children were in their teens,
Bud began a venture in sharing the ‘Good News’ via an early
Sunday morning program titled ‘Open Door.’ In today’s lingo
one might say that this program went viral, in that it was
distributed not just nationally through a variety of networks,
but worldwide through the Armed Forces Network.
Kathy and I were fortunate to become acquainted with
the Frimoth family when their sons Chris and Todd were
students at Whitworth College (now University). The
friendship has extended through the years and through
many transitions in the life of the Frimoth and the
the Peterson families.
Bud is among the shrinking number of WWII veterans
who returned from the battle fields of Europe and
elsewhere, often married and began their families.
They also became undergraduate and in some cases
graduate students. 
When years later I began my
graduate study in college counseling and personnel
services, the texts I studied typically included
references to the ways these ‘non-traditionally’
aged men (and in a few cases women), were
Just as is true for the veterans of subsequent wars
and conflicts, we owe them our gratitude and respect.

Editors Choice Photo Diary Entry #905

Travertine Terraced Waterfall


Travertine terraces are waterfalls that have frozen in the due course of time. Hot water springs that are located in slopes interact with limestone and lead to the occurrence of such a pristine natural phenomenon.

Travertine is the deposit formed by the chemical reaction of carbon, arising from the earth’s interior, mixing with the hot water spring and limestone. Another peculiarity that one can notice at such waterfalls is that the color of the limestone is usually dazzling white. Travertine water terraces are a natural wonder, and a visit to such a spot will render you speechless with the gorgeous vision in front of you.

Editors Choice Photo Diary Entry #882 – Columbia Gorge

The Columbia Gorge

Photo from a vista point
 taken by Kathy Harmon
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Bill Adds: Thank goodness for clear days such as this. Several folk who live in the Northwest, as well as a couple of friends from Michigan who visited there recently,have e-mailed me with messages of the smoky conditions along the Gorge which has meant that the trail to Multnomah Falls is closed due to the health hazards posed by breathing the smoke, as well as the reduced visibility.

Editors Choice Photo Diary Entry #881 – Surfing hot spot in the Philippines

The coastline at Baler in the Philippines

Here on a wide bay of the Philippine Sea, the sunsets are as spectacular as the surf. Baler, in the northern province of Aurora, is renowned for some of the best surfing beaches in Southeast Asia.

Pro and amateur alike are drawn to long stretches of slate – gray sand and breakers that can crest at nine feet tall.

For visitors not interested in hanging ten, Baler offers snug coves, dramatic waterfalls, scatterings of primeval rock formations, and a colonial history stretching back to 1609.

Somewhat more recent history was made when Francis Ford Coppola filmed a famous surfing scene at a Baler beach for ‘Apocalypse Now.